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Position on Township Assessors

In 2008, the question of township assessing was put to Indiana voters.  While most township assessors were eliminated, five in Lake County were retained by the voters.  I am not going to re-think that proposal, nor the vote. 

The fact of the matter is that in order to best serve the taxpayers, the Lake County Assessor and the various township assessors must work jointly to achieve our common goals of accurate valuations, timely assessments and timely billings.  For the townships with a Township Assessor, the law requires those townships to formulate an initial valuation, and then for the County Assessor to check all such valuations countywide to ensure equity and uniformity.  The ratio study process is but one technique to formally measure equity and uniformity of assessments. 

We can accomplish those goals by working closely together to identify problematic areas and property types, and then to establish common assessment objectives.  This will help us achieve the most accurate property valuations, regardless of township.

Jerome Prince

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